Service Department

Hi my name is Tyler Gray and I am the Service Department Manager for PR Chemical & Paper Supply. My department specializes in repairing a wide variety of cleaning equipment. We can take care of all your service and equipment needs...from new equipment purchases, repairs to your existing equipment as well as a large inventory of rental equipment. I personally guarantee that you will receive the most efficient and dependable service in the Florida Panhandle.

Request a service call

Call the Service Department: 850-432-0432
Toll Free: 800-239-4777

Fast response guaranteed to schedule a technician to repair your machine or if you would like us to pick up your equipment for in-shop evaluation, we will pick up on our trucks. For service rates, please go to the Forms page.

Preventative Maintenance Service

What is it?

A periodic inspection, cleaning and lubricant on any floor cleaning equipment.

Why is it important?

Experience has shown that routine professional maintenance will accomplish the following:

  • Longer equipment life
  • Decrease down time
  • Increase equipment productivity
  • Ensure the warranty period for your parts and equipment

With regular cleaning & maintenance, the customer will benefit from their equipment working efficiently and perform to the equipment's full potential.

How often should it be done?

All manufacturers base this on hours of usage. Please refer to your owners manual or contact PR Chemical & Paper Supply.

How much does it cost?

Preventative Maintenance Fees
Corded upright and backpack vacuums$37.50
Corded large area vacuums, buffers, extractors$55.00
Battery/propane scrubbers and burnishers$75.00

Maintenance on equipment varies based on machine requirements. Examples include: safety inspection, lubrication of necessary parts, cleaning filters & vacuum brush rolls, battery maintenance, etc.*

If parts are needed, we will provide an estimate of additional parts and labor required. How do I sign up?

Contact our service department:

Tyler Gray
Phone: 850-432-0432

PR Chemical & Paper Supply Rental Equipment

All rentals require a deposit. Please see the Rental Agreement Form for details.*

Auto Scrubbers
#MachineItem Code/DescriptionDailyWeekendWeekly
1(Electric) Panther 17"Daily Rental Panther 17C 17"$100.00$120.00$400.00
2Battery Panther 20"Daily Rental Panther 20B #13$115.00$172.50$500.00
Carpet Extractors
#MachineItem Code/DescriptionDailyWeekendWeekly
3Self Contained 9GLDaily Rental 9GL Extractor$50.00$67.50$225.00
HKHand ToolDaily Rental Hand Tool Kit$5.00$7.50$25.00
WKWand Unit KitDaily Rental Wand Unit Kit$10.00$15.00$50.00
#MachineItem Code/DescriptionDailyWeekendWeekly
6Corded 175 RPM 20" (side by side)Daily Rental 20" LS Buff #6$45.00$67.50$225.00
7Corded 175 RPM 20" (side by side)Daily Rental 18" LS Buff #7$45.00$67.50$225.00
8Corded 1500 RPM 18" (Burnisher)Daily Rental 18" HS Burn #8$45.00$67.50$225.00
9Propane 1500 RPM 27" (Burnisher)Daily Rental 27" Prop. Burn #9$120.00$200.00$600.00
Wet/Dry Vacs
#MachineItem Code/DescriptionDailyWeekendWeekly
10Wet/Dry Vac With Hose & Wand 13GLDaily Rental Wet/Dry Vac$45.00$67.50$225.00
Air Movers
#MachineItem Code/DescriptionDailyWeekendWeekly
113 Speed Air MoverDaily Rental Air Mover$20.00$30.00$75.00
Pressure Washers
#MachineItem Code/DescriptionDailyWeekendWeekly
12Pressure Washer 3000 PSI (Gas)Daily Rental Pressure Washer$25.00$37.50$125.00