Spartan Clothesline Fresh™ Xtreme Laundry Sour 17-15 Gal.

Item # SP-7017-15-DR

  • A blend of three types of acids optimized to tackle the highest levels of alkalinity and iron found in the wash bath. Concentrated.
  • Specifically formulated for use in large laundry facilities
  • Excellent at removing suntan lotion stains
15 Gal. Drum, ea
Alternate #7017-15
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Designed to neutralize the pH of the finished wash to a comfortable level which will not irritate skin. Maintaining proper fiber pH is important, not only for comfort, but will also prolong the life cycle of the washed fabric. Removal of excess alkalinity helps to minimize the graying or yellowing of fabric as well as to reduce fiber stress which can lead to potential fiber damage.

  • This product is for use in tunnel washers, large industrial laundries, and food and beverage laundries.
  • Also for use in facilities with high levels of iron content by keeping the iron in the water and off of the linen.
  • Will also help to remove iron stains from previously stained linen.
  • User friendly packaging. Packaged in translucent pails and drums. This package allows you to reorder with ease and always have the right amount of product on hand because it allows product level to be seen.