Spartan VersaFill 3 E-Gap Chemical Dispensing System

Item # SP-967100-EA

  • Offers employee safety, accurate diluting, and cost-control. Safety-sealed, closed-system packaging with Clean on the Go[R].
  • Flow rate: Bucket fill 6.5 gpm; bottle fill 1 gpm
  • Fill connection: bucket up to 4, bottle up to 4
  • Water pressure: 25-80 psi, optimal performance at 40 psi
Alternate #967100
  • Description

Features AccuPro™ technology to control water pressure and ensure accurate dilution every time. Eliminates re-cleaning associated with improperly diluted chemicals. Ensures proper PPM of actives with disinfectants and sanitizers. Avoid leaks created with external pressure regulators. Reduce costs associated with over-diluting chemicals. Meets plumbing requirement ASSE 1055B. Color-coded product identification systems. Bilingual procedures charts and labeling systems. Customized product usage charts.